Saturday, June 30, 2012

Harbor Freight Survival Knife (Gear Review & First Impressions)

Here's another first impressions type of review. This time it's for a survival knife I picked up at Harbor Freight.

It's definitely got the cool factor going on. It's a visually appealing knife, with a handle that has an alternating pattern/texture which improves the grip. I have small hands and it feels pretty comfortable holding on to this. It's a pretty hefty-sized knife with a sharp and serrated edge. the grip has a screw top that has a built in compass. That opens up to reveal a compartment pre-packed with a few basic supplies (fishing line, sewing kit, matchsticks, etc.). I like this feature since this will allow me to customize what's inside.

It also comes in a nylon sheath which looks pretty flimsy but as I've mentioned on the vid, it's better than nothing. All you crafty people out there can probably make your own sheath for this (or buy one).

The pros:
Price - very affordable, under $15
Build - seems solid and durable but I haven't put it through a field test yet so we'll see if it holds up.
Compartment - Nice little extra place to stash additional supplies, plus the cap has a compass

The Cons:
Sheath - flimsy material but for the price it's not bad at all
This product might be suitable to newbies (like me), casual dayhikers / campers.

Modifications I'm planning on doing to this:
I'll have to make a better paracord handle for it and use an O-ring and a carabiner to hook it up to the side. I saw someone who made that mod and I thought it was more functional than the single string paracord loop that it comes with.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Post-apocalyptic MMORPG: Radiated Wasteland

Hey ApocHubbers, just got some info on this post-apocalyptic MMORPG:

Pixel Pandemic ( has announced the post-apocalyptic browser-based MMORPG Radiated Wasteland.

Team-up with your friends to survive the hordes of the post-apocalyptic monsters roaming the Earth on Facebook ( or

In a future not far from now, Earth has been set in flames. The once civilized world is now a radiated
wasteland. As a player you are one of the few survivors facing the challenges of a post-apocalyptic world, fighting against radiated ghouls, fierce mutants and merciless raiders. To survive, players must establish their own safe houses, team up with other survivors and scavenge for scarce resources.

The game is being developed by the Copenhagen based Pixel Pandemic. It is a browser based MMORPG featuring a skilltree, perks and fully customizable avatars which can be equipped with any items the players find.

NPCs will engage players in missions which introduce a rich storyline of popular, post-apocalyptic popular culture set in this mutant infested world. Players must explore the wastelands to solve these missions and gather gear and experience to strengthen their character.

The sum of player actions combine into an ever evolving organic virtual world consisting of thousands of tiles. The virtual world is populated by an AI controlled enemy and will facilitate co-op mechanisms know from classic MMORPGs, but yet unseen on Facebook, creating a perfect ecobalance where players must cooperate to defeat the common enemy.

About Pixel Pandemic: Pixel Pandemic is a browser game studio based in Denmark and developer of the zombie survival horror rpg Pixel Pandemic has developed a game engine technology for browser based MMORPGs and are currently also has planned for release.

Facebook page:

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Chance to Win an Underground Shelter - SPIKE TV Casting Call


Are you a survivor? Are you prepared?

Nuclear war, terrorism, pole shifting, killer comets and tsunamis all have the potential to cause national or worldwide disaster. Some people think the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

If you've always wanted to secure lifetime access to a well-protected, underground shelter for you and your immediate family in case of a global emergency, then this is your chance.
SPIKE TV and Vivos Shelters ( are seeking a handful of lucky people to compete on a new TV show for the chance to own shares in a state-of-the-art, community underground shelter for up to 6 family members.

Producers are looking for outgoing, competitive PAIRS of immediate family members (husband and wife, father and son, siblings...) to represent their family household on national television in a series of fun and exciting challenges. This is your opportunity to PROVE that you have what it takes to join a community of people who can survive global disaster!

Send an email to with the following:
1. Your name and the name of at least one family member who could be your teammate
2. Your phone numbers
3. Your city/state (same household or neighborhood preferred)
4. Recent photos of each of you
5. A brief explanation of why you want to win this show AND what skills you and your family can offer a community of survivors.

Deadline to apply is JUNE 20, 2012! Producers are waiting to hear from you!
* To compete on the show, you must be a legal U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age. (Note: Family members of any age are eligible for a place in the shelter. Conditions and restrictions for shelter co-ownership apply.) For more information, visit