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Various advertising options are currently available in the site at competitive, affordable and discounted rates.

Suitable for suppliers of (but not limited to): 
outdoor / camping gear and merchandise
survival gear / kits
food storage
storage solutions
water purification systems
MRE / Freeze-dried food

Authors and Publishers of post-apocalyptic, apocalyptic, dystopian literature are also encourage to take part with the ad program. In addition, you can send an advance copy of your book for review.

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Please note:
If I don’t think your product will be of interest to my readers, I may choose to not review it. If you are unsure, just ask. Any review on this site is completed with as much objectivity as possible. There is no guarantee that your product will receive a positive review.

All site and product reviews will be as honest as possible. Payment does NOT guarantee a favorable review. Paid reviews require my disclosure of such per federal regulations.

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