Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prepper Profile Part 2

So here's a low-tech version of a mind mapper tool I often use for sorting out ideas.

You can watch part 1 here that way it makes more sense to you:

This system helps me visualize my thought process for many things so I wanted to share how it relates to my preparedness efforts.

One of the challenges of being a city prepper is the lack of square footage available that can be dedicated for storage in general. So we have to put in a lot of consideration to what enters our home as far as supplies go. Every little inch of space matters and we have to be smart and creative about our approach.

I solve this issue by minimizing and using virtual space/cloud storage for documents and books.

Get rid of stuff you don't use or need. It's that simple. It's a very liberating thing to do, to have less stuff. When it comes to preparedness gear, generally I like to acquire multipurpose items that don't take up too much space. The pros of minimizing: sell items you don't need or use for extra cash and free up valuable space for things that you do need.

Virtual space
What I mean by this is using portable storage devices for ebooks (great for a digital library) as well as documents. This paperless method is great for when you're a bookworm like me or if you have a lot of files. There's no reason why you can't digitize your most important documents and store them in a an SD card, flash drive, or external hard drive which you can then store in a safe or a similar device. Those things are dirt cheap these days especially the SD cards and flash drives, you just have to know where to look.

The pros of virtual storage: Space saver. Just make sure that you have a back up file for your back ups. Don't place everything in one SD card for example. Ensure that if something happens to that then you'll still have those files stashed elsewhere.

This is great for your digital library as well. Especially in conjunction with a dropbox account. My PC also came with cloud storage access which I use all the time.

You can sign up for a Dropbox account here -   (It's FREE)

So I encourage you to use this flow chart type of organizing your projects. It's helped me quite a bit in sorting out my often scattered thoughts.

As always, happy prepping.