Sunday, January 20, 2013

Emerson 4.3 Inch Android Tablet ICS Review

Unboxing video 

First Impressions Review

Emerson 4.3 inch screen size (multitouch screen)
Operating system: 4.0 ICS Android Tablet
Model EM543
Color: White
Price is $60
Screen is capacitive.
Ram: 512MB DDR3
Internal memory 4gb
Has external microsd slot - can use up to 32gb

Since this seems to be popular with the entry level android tablet crowd - be sure to charge it up fully before attempting to use it straight out of the box.

What it comes with:
The tablet, USB cable (for charging battery and file transfers), a quick start guide and a slip of paper that has the info regarding where you can purchase the AC adapter which is $14.95. It's an 800 number.

It has a front facing camera - works fine for vid, still photos, and video chat.

I didn't have any issues connecting to the wifi at all.

It comes with preloaded apps. Some of them you can uninstall and some you'll have to find a root app remover from the app store.

It has 1mobileapp and amazon apps market installed. I ended up just keeping and using 1mobileapp.

Originally I intended to install Google market in this but after comparing the available apps between the two, I decided against it. 1mobileapp is sufficient.

We bought this for our younger son who is autistic so I customized the apps according to stuff he will use it for. Mainly for some games, surfing, YouTube, Netflix, and as an AAC talker (brief review of this particular app is up on my YT channel).

After cleaning up the preloaded apps I freed up quite a bit of space. We also put in a 4gb microsd card in the device.

Tried out several games to see if there's any lag on any of them - surprisingly everything worked as expected. It does have 3D game support, the accelerator works just fine.

Web browsing:
Pages loaded up quickly.

Video playback:
Netflix - works seamlessly. The initial time I synced the account, the image blurred and pixellated for a few seconds. After that, no issues.

YouTube - Very good load time, no issues encountered.

I would say this a great portable media device. I was happy with the quality of the image and for such a small device it's extremely loud.

Battery time:
I played games for 2 hours straight on it on a full charge and still had plenty of power to go by for maybe an hour of light browsing. I would say for general web use you can probably stretch out usage to 4 hours, maybe even 5 if you optimize everything (shut down unnecessary apps running in the background).

The only complaint I have on this is that it doesn't include an ac adapter.
Also it might be a little challenging to find a case for it. I ended up getting a Nintendo DS case - it fits perfectly in it.
Overall I would give the device 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Great entry level android device for the casual user. If you intend on using it as e-reader you're better off getting at least a 7 inch screen to reduce eyestrain.

Here's the manufacturer site for this tablet.

It has FAQs, system updates, download, quick start guide. Really helpful place to answer most of  your questions.

Note: I will sometimes do gadget reviews and tech editions here at ApocalypseHub since I'm a big fan of gadgets and I rely on a lot of it to run and maintain this site as well as many others. 
I'm not one for impulse purchases especially on electronics so I usually do a considerable amount of research first before buying something.

I hope these reviews helps people to be smarter consumers. 
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