Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dating Site for Survivalists and Preppers

Just when I think I've heard of everything...

Then someone sends me a link to a CNN article about a "Doomsday dating site."

Do you scare away potential partners when you bring them home and they see your stockpile stash?

Looking to share your bunker with that special someone?

Then this might just be the place for you -

It's called Surivalist Singles and so far it has a little over 2000 members.

Here's the CNN article about it.

and here's a screenshot of the actual site.


  1. You know, I was actually thinking about something like this the other day. It is actually not a bad idea because people that do not take survival and prepping seriously might not see why someone would want to devote so much time to it. I could see it causing friction in a relationship. I guess it really depends on the people though.

  2. I agree. Definitely not a bad idea. I say Why Not - seems like there's a dating site for so many different groups out there.

  3. Yeah, you are definitely right about that, there does seem to be a dating site for about every type of group you could imagine!

  4. The site is not user friendly and the operator edits your communications or outright deletes some of your messages if you give your off site email address.

  5. Thanks for the insight. Yeah, my first impressions of it was that it's still unrefined but I just figured it's because it was a fairly new site and the owner was probably going to make improvements especially with the traffic it's getting. I suggest emailing the site owner and perhaps voice your suggestions - it would be to their benefit to take it into consideration. It is, after all, a user-driven platform.