Monday, April 2, 2012

Asus Transformer TF101 Android Tablet First Impressions Review

This post is a little different than the usual. Technology is a big part of my life and
how I work as well as how I run my sites.

We've been on the market to get another tablet - this is my second one and I knew that I
wanted to stick with the Android OS. Nothing against Apple products, I actually own
several. We just needed more flexibility among other things.

As with any major purchase I always assess what its main function would be in our
household and how it would fit in our lifestyle. Based on that I do an extensive product

The main reasons we went with this tablet:
- has option to expand storage via MicroSD
Optional Keyboard Dock - "Transforms" the Android tablet into a netbook-ish contraption.
It increases battery life as well as storage space.
Price - $349.00 (tablet only)

First impressions

The good:
Beautiful display, as expected with the IPS screen.
Decent sound from the speakers
Multitasking work horse
Easy transition to Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS
Cloud storage by ASUS
Splashtop remote desktop feature
Flash compatible
Battery life has been decent so far
front facing and rear cameras are decent for what I use it for

The bad:
Fingerprint magnet (minor detail, really. I just end up wiping the screen down after every
use just because I'm a neat freak)

File manager is a bit confusing

Apps 2 SD type applications don't automatically recognize the external storage so I'm
having to manually drag everything into the microSD card. (From my understanding this is
not an isolated issue and that it affects Honeycomb and ICS OS) Again it's not a deal
breaker but more of an inconvenience.

The ugly:

Overall: 5/5 stars so far for this device.  I'll be doing additional assessments of this tablet as I
get more use out of it and will post my thoughts on that as well as on the assortment of
apps that I like. Stay tuned.

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