Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's Your Prepper Profile? (Check out this method I use)

Latest vid in which I use mind-mapping software to organize my thoughts on projects. It's applicable to pretty much everything including prepping. Feel free to use this method - if you want to share your results with me that's cool too.

This is a rather rudimentary version, something I just put together in a couple of minutes...but it works. I plan on expanding on each component to further drill down into a more focused area.

As I've mentioned in the screencast this rather simplistic analysis method has actually helped me figure out a more concrete goal as far as preparedness efforts.

Without revealing too much, the one main component that dictates what I can or can't do currently is location:

We are city / urban, apartment dwellers (for now).

Which means unless there's mandatory evacuation in a major emergency situation we're pretty much gonna be holed in and hunkered down right here.

The need for an evac bag is still there but I need to devote some time with the "Get Home Bag / Kit"

It also poses a challenge to storage space availability.

Current goals in a nutshell:
1. To acquire skills, knowledge
2. Experiment with storage solutions
3. To acquire multifunctional, versatile gear

Will keep informal updates as I go forward with this.

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