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For sale: A space in million-dollar bunker in case of the apocalypse.

Source:  2012 Pro, TerraVivos

A company called Vivos (Spanish for "the living") has been building bunkers in preparation for the apocalypse.

The current cost: $50,000 per adult
                          $25,000 per child under the age of 16
                           Pets - 1 allowed per owner (subject to restrictions)

One of Vivos’ shelters can support 200 people for one year in case of an apocalypse. The illustration  above shows one level of a shelter. 

California-based company Vivos is providing you and about 4,000 other people the chance to survive the end of the world. The company plans to build a network of 20 shelters near most major cities of the US. Each 20,000-square-foot shelter, which can hold up to 200 people, would be located about five stories underground with walls two to three feet thick. The shelters would be stocked with a year’s supply of “gourmet foods,” as well as medical and dental centers and even a movie theater. 

Each shelter costs about $10 million to build, and Vivos is selling space in the price range of about $50,000 per person. So far, about 1,000 applications have been received for space in the shelters.
Once a certain number of applications have been received and candidates selected for a shelter location, Vivos will begin construction of the shelter. When completed, ownership will be turned over to the Vivos Owners’ Association, where the owners would be responsible for security and maintenance, contributing their own skills and expertise to ensure the long-term survival of the shelter. Vivos hopes to complete construction and commissioning of the nationwide network by December 21, 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar, which is also a countdown clock on Vivos’ website).

As Vivos founder Robert Vicino explains, the shelters can withstand almost any global disaster that you might think of. Nuclear attacks, bio terrorism, chemical warfare, super volcano eruptions, asteroids, solar flares, tsunamis, earthquakes, pole shifts, the return of Planet X, social and political anarchy - all have the potential to wipe out humanity but could be survived by living in a Vivos shelter. In addition, Vivos notes that the end of the world has been predicted throughout history by such influential forces as the Mayans, Nostradamus, and the Bible. From such omens arises Vivos’ motto: “You can’t predict, but you can prepare.”

In addition to sparing the lives of 200 people, each shelter will also become a DNA depository, according to Vivos. Universities are invited to submit DNA samples of every living thing on Earth, along with seeds, which will be stored in refrigerated vaults. As Vivos’ website explains, “This will assure the greatest chance of future restoration of the world as we know it, regardless of the catastrophe. Vivos may prove to be the next ‘Genesis’ for Earth and a new beginning for Life.” The vaults will also contain off-road vehicles and hunting and fishing equipment for when returning to the surface.

Vivos, which is a privately funded venture with no religious affiliations, adds one more remark that might concern people: the world’s governments are already building underground shelters for the elite, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

The firm has already announced plans to build similar survival shelters in Europe.
Watch a virtual tour of the bunker

Founder of Vivos talks to ABCs Nightline

Side note: I love that it has a movie theater. I wonder if it has cameras mounted on the outside to deliver a live stream of the doomsday action. Nothing says entertainment and "hey, pass the popcorn" like seeing the destruction of mankind while you lounge comfortably in your members only underground hotel in your fuzzy slippers sipping a martini.
What? You didn't think I was gonna let this one go without a snarky comment did you?

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