Friday, September 10, 2010

APOX - survival strategy game mad-max style for PC and MAC

Repurposed police cars and a "realistic ammo and fuel supply system" are amongst the post-apocalyptic joys on offer in Apox, an RTS announced today by Indian indie developer BlueGiant Interactive.

Set in a "Mad-Max-esque universe," Apox draws upon the FPS and RPG genres to offer "equipping multiple weapons, weapon drops, and limited ammo" plus a veteran system and unit customisation. Players will be able to "essentially create dozens of unique unit variations" by plonking soldiers in different vehicles. A map editor will be included plus, somewhat unusually for an RTS, multiplayer with up to 32 players.

"We are the first Indian studio to make a game of this quality and scale," BlueGiant CEO Vinnie Reddy declared in the announcement, saying "We are really proud of APOX."
Apox is scheduled for release on PC and Mac in "late 2010."

APOX is a post-apocalytic survival strategy game set in Mad-Max-esque universe. The player takes command of survivors as they battle up to 31 other human (or AI) opponents.

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