Friday, September 3, 2010

Have your ashes pressed in vinyl records

In keeping the theme of doom and gloom, here's a weird one for you.
There's a company in the UK that allows people to leave their legacy in a unique manner. They are in the business of pressing ashes of the recently deceased into a vinyl record.
The process pretty much follows that of a usual record pressing only with ashes added into the mix. Creepy but unique concept.

The Basic package, which costs around $3,000 includes the RIV (rest in vinyl) cover with name, date of birth and date of death. You have to supply audio (or you can choose complete silence if you wish). This is for 30 vinyl records.

There's a whole slew of options that can be added to that such as:
custom portrait
custom soundtrack
worldwide distribution at various vinyl stores (remind me to wear gloves next time I visit record store)
organized event (yes, like a funeral for your musical send off)

Pet ashes allowed.
Body parts are allowed (same price as a full body)

Sidenote: If I were to do this I think side A will have me tell you a condensed version of the story of my life followed with the Dr. Who theme. But the B-side will include jokes, revelations and a backwards recording of a secret message. (i. e. always remember to drink your ovaltine)

I'll probably say something like this in addition

"Anytime you listen to this record, please keep in mind that the needle is probably scratching what was once my eyeball. I will miss you all."

But that's just me.
You can visit the site here AndVinyly

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