Monday, September 20, 2010

Humans Vs. Zombies Tag Game

Humans Vs. Zombies is a game in which a group of pre-registered players (humans) attempt to survive the growing zombie infestation on campus (posed by other players tagging the humans). The human players will be fending off the zombie players by launching foam Nerf darts at the zombie players. Humans will wear bright orange armbands on the upper arm, and zombies will wear orange bands on their foreheads.

There are very specific rules to the game so be sure to check out the official guide book for it.

All you need is a Nerfgun/socks, bandanna, index card.

Check out the rules of the game
Human Vs. Zombies site

Get your supplies:
Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster - Blue    Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS   Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Blaster  Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire 2 Player Set - Green/Orange Double Shot Rifle w/ 6 darts & 4 shells

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