Monday, September 27, 2010

Shipping container used as emergency clinics

I've been reading quite a bit on alternative architecture and came across a lot of info on shipping containers being used as homes and offices. This is my recent find.

Containers 2 Clinics is a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts, converts shipping containers into health clinics

From their site:
Clinics are staffed by local health professionals in-country. C2C's approach to rural medical care is designed to strengthen the entire healthcare system of a country from the bottom up by building capacity to treat illness locally. C2C clinics focus on improving the lives of women and children through vaccinations, safe pregnancy and delivery, and health education. C2C's model allows for standard design and operations and for replication across regions.

Watch a video of it being built:

Visit the site and learn more @ Containers 2 Clinics

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