Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There's a new ninja in town. Her name is Chandra.

Hello. I’m Chandra. This is the beginning of a, let’s say weekly, column. I’ll use this forum to recommend animes that deal with the apocalypse. Because when the world ends, you’ll want a sympathetic form of entertainment. And what better form than a genre known for its shows set at the end of everything.

The best part about apocalyptic animes is the possible solutions they offer through their various series. Trigun provides a great example for how to rebuild the world and have fun when you have to start from scratch in a wasteland. Darker than Black teaches you how to survive in the midst of the animosity an apocalypse would incite. Highschool of the Dead covers the detailed techniques needed to defend yourself in the midst of the impending zombie apocalypse.

So in this column, I’ll provide overviews of various animes. Some of these columns will also be re-watches of animes. Big O is one I already own on DVD; Trigun is coming out on DVD (again) in the next couple of months. This column will be a place to cover what we learn from various apocalyptic animes and discuss which would be the most fun to carry with us into the post-apocalyptic world.

A huge thanks to R. Van Saint for providing the space here at ApocalypseHub! If you have any comments/suggestions/tips for keeping our sense of humor, please leave them in the comments! And I’ll see you next week!

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