Monday, January 17, 2011

100th post at Apocalypse Hub

I was originally going to post a book review here but that didn't feel right for this seemingly small yet significant milestone.

100th post is a big deal for me because I started this site mainly as an outlet for my interest in post-apocalyptic survival which came about through my fiction writing. I started this while working a demanding day job and in the midst of preparing to make a cross-country move. The late nights just got later but I made a deadline for myself and damn it I was going to make that work. This little site gave me something to focus on during a time of personal and professional chaos.

Why the apocalypse?
It wasn't so much how it will all end that intrigues me, it's more about how people, better yet - the individual - would cope when thrust in that scenario. If there were survivors, what would they do if one day everything they knew was all gone. Back to square one.

There wasn't any formula as to what would be posted here. If it was interesting to me, it was published. Along the way, I've enlisted the help of anyone who wanted to pitch in and I'm thankful for the ones that have stepped up and contributed their talent and knowledge.

Please check out these two wonderful writers and check out their work:

Chandra over at


Noel over at

I have many plans for upgrades and expansion for this site. Who knows what it will look like by next year. I hope I still have the time and energy to continue this between fiction writing and the demands of academia.

The visitors keep me coming back though. The slow but steady rise in traffic in encouraging and fuels me to keep at this.

Again, many thanks!

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