Monday, August 22, 2011

Creator spotlight - The 'Skirts (Post-apocalyptic film)

There's a lot of creative folks out there involved in cool projects within the apocalypse / post-apocalyptic / dystopian genres. Here's a spotlight on one of them:

The project is a short film entitle The 'Skirts.

From their Facebook page:
The 'Skirts is the story of two young women in a post-apocalyptic world, and their struggle to survive against the only surviving city, now a fascist regime.

In a post apocalyptic near-future, there exists a single society; Strata -- a totalitarian dystopia ruled by a charismatic and manipulative figure-head, wherein its denizens must adhere to strict conformity or be subject to execution or banishment. Beyond its borders is the outskirts -- the wasteland that is the rest of the world. Starving and poor, for those on the outside it's every man for him...self, as Strata's elite mercenaries (known as shepards) are sent not only to keep the 'skirts out, but to prevent and destroy any forming civilizations or organized society.

Knell, a deprogrammed shepard defector, now living among the 'skirts, is being hunted by her former fellow enforcers. When she and her companion, Scrap, a mentally unhinged vagabond-warrior who raised herself alone on the outside, must fight back -- they become Strata's prime targets.
They've got a Kickstarter page to help fund their film:

Kickstarter for The 'Skirts
Facebook page
Twitter @TheSkirts
It is written and directed by Jack Lawrence from Charming New Society

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