Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review: Living Off The Grid by David Black

Hey everyone, I decided to write a quickie review of this. I finished the book a few weeks ago and have been wanting to post this so here goes. The book is Living off the grid by David Black.

I was excited about reading this book since I've never really read anything on the subject of off grid lifestyle so I dove right in.

Right off the bat, I found the generalizations distracting. Distracting enough to highlight it (yes, the Kindle app is awesome like that) and write notes on it.

Here are samples:
On Fifth Wheel Trailers - "There's usually a cab-over, containing an entertainment center, a stash of hunting rifles and beer, or a couple of repulsive youngsters making faces and flipping off passing motorists."

(This was a damn kids, get off my lawn segment of the book apparently)

Here's another:
"The majority of RVers are upple-middle-class kids looking for cushy digs in their cosmic conquests."

I continued reading the book
a) because I like to finish what I started
b) because I wanted to give it a chance, the subject matter interests me
c) because I honestly thought it was going to get better

I was partly right in the fact that it had parts that were good and informative. The ideas overall are pretty basic. The only topic that was in depth was the one on electricity / power source. That chapter just went on longer than it needed to be, too advanced for most.

I was expecting more of a practical, DIY for beginners type of book I suppose.

At least I didn't have to pay for it. It was being offered for free for promotional purposes on Amazon for a little while.

So for my first foray on off grid books, I'll have to give this a 2/5 stars. 

I'll keep it as a basic reference guide for now until I find something more suitable to take its place.

Go have a look see if you're still curious about it. If you have any recommendations on self-sufficiency / living off grid type books let me know.

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  1. Really love this idea and your suggestions. I live in Texas and we were most affected by Hurricane, Katrina. I also love off the grid living.
    Thanks for this blog post.