Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preparedness & Survivalist in the mainstream (Zombies: A Living History)

Zombies, survival skills, post-apocalypse, preparedness? Yes please!

I watched Zombies: A Living History on the History channel this weekend. Overall, it was an informative 2-hour show covering everything from the origins and cultural differences of the zombie lore (Jiang Shi, Draugr, Revenant, Ghoul) down to zombie defense skills.

I write horror / post-apocalyptic stories and yes that includes zombies and various monsters so this is all very interesting to me. But no, I don't think that there's going to be an actual zombie apocalypse. The show did mention the zombie-like effect of Prions (the infectious agent that causes Mad Cow Disease).

What I enjoyed about the show is that it emphasizes survivalist skills and preparedness during a catastrophe setting.

It went over terms such as Bugging In vs. Bugging Out. Survivalists and preparedness as well as having an emergency kit were also mentioned. I would say this is the first time I'm actually hearing these words thrown around in mainstream media.

Max Brooks. author of World War Z, even mentioned that he has an emergency preparedness kit ready for action in case a natural disaster such as an earthquake occurred.

The show went over topics such as post-apocalyptic survival and the importance of having skills that will provide you, your family, and your neighbors with essential and very basic needs.

Overall highly recommended. 

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