Monday, January 2, 2012

Deconstructing a Safe Room (infographic)

Hello again ApocalypseHub-bers - hope your holidays and New Year's celebrations went well, Happy 2012 by the way. Back to the swing of things up here.

Here's a cool infographic on deconstructing safe rooms created by the good folks at Allstate. (Thanks for the tip Brittney!)

This has some really good general tips on location and supplies. If you already have a binder where you keep your checklists and additional resources, this image might be a good one to print out and keep especially if you have younger children in the home - visuals work best when teaching them about emergency preparedness.

Very important safety issue: There is one thing I want to point out - it says that you should have a generator in your safe room. We don't have a generator (yet) but you really shouldn't be running that indoors (carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazard, among other things).
Storage in safe room: yes. Usage of generator in safe room: NO
So please don't take this as the ultimate guide, do educate yourselves of proper usage and maintenance of equipment and such.

Created by Allstate Extreme Conditions

We have a fully finished basement that would serve this purpose. We don't walk around calling it a "safe room" but it can certainly function as one. There are additional areas in the building that can be used in this manner as well depending on the type of emergency.

If you already have a safe room/s set up or in the process of getting one together, I'd love to hear from you.

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