Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prepper Gear Addition: Coffee Percolator

Since I've been getting more into prepping I've been very selective about what I choose to add to our gear.

I'm very careful about keeping the balance between stuff vs. skills. Being in a very urban setting, we're prone to rolling blackouts during the summer and also during very extreme winter conditions. The type of stuff I like to add to our bugging-in arsenal are items that can be used in multiple situations and not just for emergencies.

The coffee percolator is an excellent example of this. I like to use this at least a few times a week since it brews stronger coffee than our regular coffee maker. It can also be used for camping/hiking trips. As long as you have a heat source to boil water, you're good to go. In case of a power outage, we can even use this with a sterno stove indoors (I would imagine the boil time is a lot longer but it should get the job done - I'll have to test this in the near future).

There's different types of percolators available out there at various price points but they all pretty much have the same components - you have the pot, the stem, a basket, basket cover, and a glass knob.

The only thing about the model I have is that it has a plastic handle (susceptible to melting). So far it hasn't been an issue, it's just a matter of adjusting the placement of the pot over the heat source.

Here's a quickie video I made about it:

If you want to pick one up, this looks like a good model.

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