Thursday, February 16, 2012

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee (Food Preps, EDC, Ultralight Backpacking, Dayhikes)

Don't underestimate this coffee in a packet - this stuff is pretty strong. This would be suitable for the morning rush. Unlike the Trader Joe's instant coffee packet I reviewed recently, this one doesn't come prepackaged with the sugar or creamer already mixed in. You'll have to supply it yourself.  Regardless, this is definitely worth picking up as a part of your food preps, EDC, ultralight backpacking or camping gear, dayhikes, road trips, etc.

This particular one is sold in packs of 3 per pouch. It varies from time to time depending on where you get it. I've seen this sold by the checkout counters in retail stores. It's also available online, of course, in larger batches and a variety of other flavors.

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