Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter EDC (Everyday Carry) Clothing Basics

Clothing is just as essential as any cool gadget under the sun so I wanted to highlight some of the basics of my winter outdoor gear.

I like to keep things classic and simple. It needs to be comfortable, functional, and of course, look good. In general when I'm in the market for outerwear, I look for something that's durable with plenty of pockets. For shoes, I always go with comfort since I practically walk everywhere.

Keep in mind, my winter gear is based on my geographic location - the Northeast, in the city, where the temps can drop below freezing and we get the occasional snow/icestorm.

Here are a few essentials:

1. Vest (medium weight, waterproof) - very versatile addition to any wardrobe in my opinion. I actually use this all throughout spring and autumn seasons as well. Excellent for layering.
2. Army boots (lined, waterproof, non-skid soles) - always good to have a pair of high boots if you live in an area that gets accumulating snow. The lining definitely helps with the insulation.
3. Hiking boots (waterproof, non-skid soles) - better for trekking around the city, although a bit heavier and chunkier than I prefer.
4. knit hats - very affordable accessory, I have a good handful of these in different thicknesses and designs.
5. Heavy duty ski-gloves - very warm, weather-proof addition. These types of gloves usually come with a clip that you can use to secure on a carabiner on your coat or pack.
6. fingerless gloves - medium weight gloves that I use daily. Good for casual use. I have another pair that is more flexible - it can transform into a pair of mittens.
7. Scarf - another great accessory to have, very affordable, and it comes in various sizes.
8. NorthFace Hyvent parka - very warm. I have a 2nd pair in a different color. Plenty of pockets, hooded, with adjustable cuffs. I have other coats (wool blend - more formal, and a couple of leather ones 3/4 length)

Anther essential that I forgot to include in the vid are my thermal shirt and pants. Another excellent layering component. It provides an extra layer of warmth while keeping sweat and moisture away from your kin. And of course, you can't forget about a thicker blend of long socks.

Once you have the basics covered, it's easy to build upon that.

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