Sunday, December 2, 2012

Implementing Long Term Food Storage Ideas for Apocalypse Survival

Learning how to store food for an apocalyptic or other emergency situation can mean the difference in whether or not you and your family are able to survive. Many respected experts recommend that you have at least a three-day supply of food and water on hand in order to help you survive the first few days of an emergency; however, with the threat of terrorism, economic problems around the world and even natural disasters that have shown it can take weeks to restore power and provide necessary provisions, taking measures to prepare for a disaster of longer duration is certainly important.

The first step in starting your own food storage program is to determine exactly what situations you want to be prepared to survive. If a natural disaster, such as a hurricane is your biggest concern, a week or two worth of food might be adequate; however, if you are preparing for an apocalyptic event such as a total collapse of society as we know it, you should be thinking about your long-term food storage options.

In order to implement long term food storage ideas, it is important to consider where you will keep your supplies. Most experts recommend dividing your food storage supplies into two or more locations to help increase your chances of being able to access your food when you need it. Additionally, protecting your food from insects, moisture and other elements that could render it useless is extremely important.

You can purchase air-tight food-grade containers that are perfect for storing grains, cereals and other food products that need protection. However, many canned goods and jarred foods can be stored in their original containers. Additionally, if you have access to a garden or you live near a "you-pick" farm, you might want to consider learning how to can some of your own produce. This can certainly help reduce the costs of acquiring an adequate long-term supply of food for your family.

Another easy way to start accumulating a supply of food is to simply pick up a few extra things every time you go to the grocery store. If you see pasta sauce or canned vegetables on sale, purchase a few extra cans and add them to your food storage supply. Most canned goods will last for many years; however, in order to keep your food not only as fresh as possible, but something your family will actually enjoy, it is important to also use it.

On a regular basis, use items from your food storage pantry. This will ensure that you keep your stock rotated. It will also help you stay familiar with the foods you have on hand and will give you an opportunity to experiment and develop tasty recipes your family will enjoy. After all, surviving an apocalyptic event by having enough food is certainly important; however, it would be nice if the food you have is also something your family will enjoy eating.

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