Friday, September 24, 2010

Yakuza: Of the End - Japanese underworld meets giant monsters and zombies

Take the Japanese Mafia, some giant monsters, and oh yeah, add a bunch of zombies in the mix too, and what do you get?

The popular Sega series Yakuza jumps on the undead bandwagon with its forthcoming addition to the franchise - Yakuza: Of the End for Playstation 3.

Fun little fact for you trivia nerds. 
Chiyaki Kuriyama - she played GoGo in Kill Bill, will play the role of Misuzu Asagi in the game.

I've got a game trailer for you below as well as an extended game play trailer.

So feast your eyes.

Extended Game Play tailer:

And a screenshot:

Release date for this game is TBA.

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