Monday, October 4, 2010

Stretchable electronic skin by Nokia

Nokia has started work on a kind of stretchable electronic skin which are flexible, relying on evaporated gold as a conductor to deliver an electronic touchpad which can be stretched like a rubber band without sacrificing functionality.

The team at Nokia Research Center, based in Cambridge have been able to create a stretchable electronic touchpad, able to stretch by up to 20 per cent of its original length without affecting performance.

From Nokia site:
The potential application: This research has at its heart new form factors for devices of the future. The possibilities might sound hard to believe, but working technology which can be twisted and distorted like a rubber band could enable a unique range of wearable devices or even enable technology to feasibly become part of our clothing. After we’d seen it, the talk from the group was of us having completely different ways of us interacting with technology in the future. What is solid and known to us right now, could be flexible and entirely different in the future.


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