Monday, December 5, 2011

Newbie Prepper Progress Report

Switching it up a bit and trying out something new here in which I go over what I've done so far as a newbie prepper. 

I'm starting a new Twitter hashtag for it for those who want to follow and join in.


Even with the last two weeks being more hectic than usual I've managed to get some things sorted out.

Being new to prepping, I had to set some short term goals (6 months). Here's pretty much how I broke it down.

1) Acquire new skills
   - read
   - learn
   - then put into practical application

2) Put together an emergency medical kit (we already have a rudimentary kit put together, which definitely needs to be improved upon)

3) Customize my EDC (everyday carry), BOB (bug out bag), BOV (Bug Out Vehicle), and our bug-in supplies.

I currently have a very basic EDC. Also a bugging-in emergency kit/supply is already in place. I just need to expand on it.

Food and water supply is not too bad, we tend to be always well-stocked, I just need to see if it's well-balanced supply.

Some things I have to keep in mind as I go about this:
storage space, budget allocation, and time constraints - I'll try to address each one in a future post.

What I've done so far in the last couple of weeks:

  • Created a reading list related to this site and uploaded it to my Kindle app. I'll post reviews of it here as I finish them.
  • Started decluttering one of the hallway closets. I've moved one of the supply bins down to where it's easily accessible. 
  • Started putting together a binder for important documents which I'll end up digitizing for multiple backups
  • Purchased a wet/dry shop vac to clean up both vehicles as well as a larger storage area in the basement.

So that's where I am right now. I think it's a good idea to track your progress for any endeavor since it helps put everything into perspective. See what works and see what doesn't as you learn from it all.

As for this site, it's continuously evolving. I hope to do a major overhaul in the near future (target date is approx. 2-3 mos.)

  • For now, a few small additions: A food storage calculator
  • A Favicon (it's that little square that shows up next to the url when you bookmark a site or on the actual web browser tab - you can also see it if you add my blog to your google reader).
  • Added a link exchange page: If you have a site that you think is relevant for apocalypse hub send me an email with a link to your site so I can check it out.

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