Saturday, January 14, 2012

Minimalist Urban EDC (everyday carry) Survival Tin

my minimalist edc survival tin - exterior
This is part of my EDC (everyday carry). Most people call this a survival tin and there's many different versions of it. My approach in preparedness (prepping) in general is a minimalistic one. So everything in this "survival tin" are items I use quite a bit except for the lighter (I don't smoke anymore).

It just doesn't make sense to lug around items that's not applicable to your environment / situation.

I carry this everywhere with me and as I've mentioned on the vid, I have enough textbooks and such to carry around for my classes so I don't need additional things to weigh me down.

my minimalist edc survival tin - interior
Antibiotic ointment for minor cuts
alcohol pads
ibuprofen & advil
eyeglass repair kit

I still need to add:
something for my allergies

Here's the brief vid I made of it:

This is just part of my EDC - minimalist style. I'll go over the other parts in future vids and blog posts. I keep everything interchangeable depending on where I'm headed but this kit remains a constant in all of them.

Do you have a survival tin? What do you carry in yours?

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