Sunday, January 22, 2012

My minimalist urban EDC gear (part 2) - pocket multitool

For the second installment of my urban /city EDC (everyday carry) I've decided to briefly go over my mini multitool that I carry with me everywhere. 

This one's just your standard stainless steel type of multitool - a gift given to me 2-3 years ago - it's monogrammed with my initials and everything...I know...fancy pants, =)

The 3 main tools on it that I use often are the screwdrivers (flathead & phillips), and of course the blade followed by the saw. Most useless feature - corkscrew. It's good to drill a small pilot hole manually but for actually opening up a bottle of wine - not so much. Second least favorite feature is the scissor. 

For all you newbie city preppers, I'd say a pocket sized multitool is a great starting point for your EDC. If you're not sure, I'd just get whatever you can afford at the moment and use it well. Keep tabs on which features you use frequently that way when it comes time to upgrade you'll have a better sense of what you're actually looking for.

Would I rely on this multitool for dayhikes? Absolutely. For longer camping/bushcraft type activities - no way.

And here's the vid I made about it.

So in the video, the messenger bag I have is by Nautica (see the link below). Pretty good for light loads but not great for when you have a couple of heavy textbooks to lug around. So yesterday I actually picked up a backpack which I'll be doing a review on shortly.

If you have a pocket multitool you'd like to share here, feel free to email me a photo - what you mainly use it for and a link to your website/blog if you have any. I'll put the content up in a future post.

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