Monday, August 30, 2010

Gerald Celente on Neo-Survivalism

Source: Bull Source
Sidenote - Gerald Celente is a trusted source for Trend Forecasting. He recently spoke to GoldSeek Radio about the economic outlook and neo-survivalism. I've just recently discovered his work during my personal research for this site and my fictional works. I'll definitely be following his ongoing commentary.

“The Crash of 2010 is underway,” says Celente. He foresees soaring gold prices as the markets go down. Celente believes there are plenty of opportunities out there, specifically with technology for the poor. He says the direction to go into is: less is more.
“This is going to be the age of the entrepreneur because the corporations are going to continue to slash and pay low wages. Those that are going to succeed are going to go out on their own.”
Celente says the only way to save the domestic economy is by buying amongst each each instead of supporting other countries as the US goes down. “The only way this country comes back is when we become a nation of merchants and manufacturers, of craftspeople and tradesmen, not of serfs, servants, and servitude.”
The trends expert gives the following advice on becoming a “Celente neo-survivalist”:
  1. Eat high-quality food; buy local and organic
  2. Meditate daily to quiet the mind
  3. Learn how to protect yourself (i.e. close-combat practicing)
  4. Prepare for winter by producing and preserving your own food; become self-sufficient and only spend money on quality
  5. Get together with people of like-mind; have a support group for when times get tough
  6. Have an escape plan ready to leave your current area
Celente expects the devaluation of the US dollar to occur the next time banks are closed by the government, like after an act of terror. He believes the new 1099 requirement on bullion purchases is the first step towards gold confiscation. Celente says everyone should be investing in themselves, their families, and their friends they believe in.

Listen to the actual interview below:

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